Jim Brings Us a Cabinet

Every antique shop needs a great mover.  Jim is the Price Fairy's saintly, patient, agreeable mover who is always nice no matter what the task is.  And I promise to expand my vocabulary and not call everything "darling" - even though it is!!!!!

Ride with a Picker - Cliff Athey

While Cliff was having lunch with our cockatiels, Rose and Bud, he came up with a new idea - "Ride With A Picker".  So many people want to accompany Cliff on his searches for antique treasures that he teasingly created the idea of charging a fee. Suzanne and the Price Fairy found this very entertaining while the birds just enjoyed their lunch.

Cliff's First Temple Door

Cliffy brought in the first temple door of his career today. It took a lot of teamwork and camaraderie to get the door installed but definitely worth the effort.

Birds Applauding Richard's Finds

Here is our cockatiel, Bud, applauding our dealer Richard for going out in a terrible rain storm to bring back goodies to the shop. What dedication!!! 

Drilling Out The Lock!

Here are Cliff and Suzanne showing off their multi talents at the shop. You just never know what daily crisis might pop up.

Suzanne & Her Vintage Clothing

We love vintage clothing so much we devoted an entire booth to it!  We have hats, shoes, purses, and dresses galore for you to try on.  Here is just a sampling to tempt you!

Meet Suzanne, Our Gallery Manager

Suzanne manages our gorgeous showroom full time.  She sometimes has time left over to create one of a kind accessories and chandeliers from vintage materials.

Our Antiques Include

  • Music and memorabilia
  • Books and postcards
  • Sports cards
  • Comic books
  • Toys and jewelry
  • Military items
  • Vintage clothing and accessories
  • Artifacts and fine art
  • China and glassware
  • Pottery and paintings
  • Furniture and chandeliers